The avocado hair mask is popularizing very much, and the reason behind it is the benefits of the mask. One can enjoy some unknown and unexpected benefits if they use the avocado hair mask. But people are not adequately known of the concept of how they should make the avocado mask. One can prepare a DIY avocado hair mask very quickly.

How to make an avocado hair mask?

The making of the avocado hair mask is very simple, for which a person just need to follow a basic list of steps. However, there are three different types of avocado mask that a person can prepare all of them are.

apply the mask

Avocado mask and coconut– Making the mask with coconut oil is very simple, and one can easily go for it at their home. The requirements are one avocado and three tablespoons of coconut oil. No one has to grind off the avocado and make a paste. Now the addition of oil is done. One can also increase the level of oil if they want a liquid mask for their hairs. The avocado will absorb all the oil and after that, only apply the mask.

Keep the mask for some time, and when you will remove it, your hair will be shiny, and your scalp will be moisturized.

Avocado with olive and lemon juice– The ingredients are the same: one avocado ¼ of a cup of olive oil and freshly brewed juice of a lemon. The same grinding of the avocado is required, and then the olive and lemon juice is mixed with them.

This mask is mostly preferred when the hairs are dry and becoming freezy. Moreover, there are antifungal properties of lemon that helps in the reduction of dandruff of the scalp. The hairs will be smooth and very shiny.

Avocado, egg, and olive oil mask – This time the avocado required is decreased to 50 percent, and along with that, one egg is used. The olive oil requirement is also less, i.e., one tablespoon. Now you have to break the egg and beat it properly. After that, avocado is ground, and all the three ingredients are mixed along. Proper blending is required; otherwise, the mask will not be proper. The mask formed is rich in protein with smoothening and strengthening powers, and you will feel the difference after using it for one time.


Now which are the ingredients you chose and make an avocado hair mask. Every mask has its pros and cons; that is why you should read your requirements and then decide.

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