colorful makeup

In recent timings, colorful makeup has trended much in the market. One can see people very often wearing colorful mascara and eyeliners. If we see most of the women, they are very much willing to wear blue mascara, and the reason behind is they are safe, and one can keep it on for aplenty of hours without any harm.

But some people don’t know the proper way to wear mascara, and they make themselves look scary with that mascara. The reason behind this is the way that they adopt to apply the mascara. Not everyone knows the right way to apply the mascara.

How to apply mascara properly?

Below mentioned are the essential tips for applying mascara if you do not want to look scary.

First, remember that you should mix that out with the black color when you are applying the blue color mascara. The biggest reason why it is said to mix the black color is to give your eyes a brightening effect.

The next tip is deciding the best pair with your blue mascara. If you think that the blue mascara you are about to wear will go properly with your everyday makeup, you are wrong. If you want that the blue mascara you are looking to wear to stand out, it would be best to use it with an orange-colored eye shadow. If the eye shadow is of copper color, then it also will be ok.

The lash primer is the one spec that is included in the next tip. It is said that before you are about to place the blue primer on your lashes, you should opt for priming the lashes. It will work the same as the foundation does for the makeup. Moreover, it will make the mascara look vibrant.

apply mascara properly

Some people make a mistake that they do not place the mascara on both lashes. They cover one of their eyelashes with mascara, which will make them look scary for sure. That is why you must take care of the fact that if you want to look beautiful and then evenly cover both the eyelashes.

Always add on eyeliner with your mascara and try to match them to enhance your mascara.


The blue mascara that you are about to wear will only look good if you are going to work out on all the tips properly with it. If you miss out on any of the above, the show of your mascara will degrade.

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