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The Bondi Book.

When people think of Bondi Beach they imagine the postcard image. Nine hundred metres of sand covered with 50,000 bodies cooking on a summer’s day. They think baby oil, spinning rims, reflecto sunnies and the beautiful people. The Bondi glitz. The posers. The hipsters. The tragic. They think chaos. They whinge about the parking and they complain about the waves.

Yes. It’s all that. For 2% of the time. When the visitors leave and the rubbish is cleared you’ll find an amazing beachside village. A place where there’s always something different going down. Where the locals range from super rich yuppies to artists in garages. And a guy who gets up every day to take pictures of Bondi.

For the past 17 years Eugene Tan has dedicated his mornings to photographing Bondi beach. He tells us that there is always something to shoot…pink sunrises, big waves, huge crowds, odd faces, rogue storms or just an empty shoreline and a beautiful beach. Welcome to his 3rd book. His favourite images, jammed into 260 pages of goodness for us to enjoy.

Size: (closed) 265mm W x 200mm H
Cover: Super hardcover, debossed type
Content: 260 pages, coated paper
Weight: 1.4 kg

Cost of $65 includes shipping from Bondi.

Email if you would like to order multiple copies to the one location as shipping costs will be reduced.

$65 AUD