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Rosemary ‘Rosy’ Heirloom Seeds.

Lovely vintage packets of seeds, made with love by our friends at The Little Veggie Patch Co. 

The Little Veggie Patch Co (LVPC) is a business dedicated to helping people grow food and they believe it is something that everyone can do, regardless of your skill-set or space at your disposal. So no matter whether you live in an inner city apartment or a block of land in the sprawling suburbs, LVPC will have you growing your own produce in no time.

Spacing: 50cm

Depth: 0 – 1cm

Position: Full sun

Soil: Free Draining with plenty of compost

How to Plant: Soak seeds in water overnight prior to planting. Plant several seeds in each hole, keeping moist, not wet, until germinated (It can take 6 – 12 weeks, so be patient).

Companion Plants: Beans, Cabbage, Carrots & Sage

$5 AUD