The Downtime Agenda

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Private Whiskey and Cigar Master Class - two people (premium).

This Whisky and Cigar Master Class by the team at Gentleman’s Cabinet includes a careful blend of education, experience and appreciation. The experience includes professional hosting by Peter Stevens, who has spent the last decade in the whisky industry, representing over 70 brands. Enjoy and learn about the finest cigars and whiskeys in the world and become a connoisseur.

Standard package includes:

Whisky education topics
• Introduction to Whisky
• Short History of Whisky
• How Whisky is Made
• Difference between blended and single malts
• Scotch Whisky and Whisky Regions of Scotland
• How to taste Whisky
• Cask and Ageing
• What Whisky is Right for you
Whisky tasting
• 5 Whisky Samples (Under $90 Retail value each)
• Blended and Single Malts
• 3 Whisky’s from three difference regions of Scotland
• 1 Australian Whisky
• Cigar Basics Course; cutting, lighting, smoking and storing
• Cigar Regions and History Talk

$600 AUD