The Downtime Agenda

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Learn to Grow Workshop - A Plot In Common.

Sunday 5 February 2017

10am – 3pm

Workshop description:
“Learn To Grow – Backyard Produce”

Come join us for a one-day workshop run by Farmer Govey (Declan) from The Little Food Garden that is focused on Autumn Planting, how to grow your own veggies, from seed to harvest.

Using the gardens at the beautiful A Plot In Common, you will be digging in the dirt, preparing the soil, and planting out the veggies.

You will learn how to:
– Make your own compost
– Prepare soil for planting
– Propagate seeds and make your own seed raising mix
– Grow Autumn produce
– Make your own organic pest sprays
– Make your own organic fertiliser

You will leave with:
– Loads of information from the workshop
– Seeds to get your backyard farm started
– Seedlings to kick start your Spring crops

– Gardening gloves
– Boots
– Warm clothes
– Water proof jacket
– Sun hat

The workshop will be held in The Old Girl, a beautiful 1800’s barn. You will be provided with morning tea as well as lunch grown and gathered there on the farm.


$120 AUD