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Coaching program with meg james - 6 month course.

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or confused can be incredibly stressful. Whether it’s your job, your relationship, your health or your hobbies, if you’ve found yourself in a position where you feel like you can’t move forward, it simply means that something isn’t working for you and it’s time to make a change. When you’re in this situation it can be helpful to seek guidance outside of yourself so that you can start to see things from a different perspective. By working in a confidential setting, life coaching will help you to get a sense of what you really want, break down the limitations keeping you stuck, teach you the skills to find balance and challenge you to reach new levels of happiness and wellbeing.

Program inclusions:

– 1 x 30-minute Goal Setting Session: We will begin our journey with a goal setting session to identify the areas in your life where you feel stressed or ‘stuck’, and establish our key areas of focus for the months ahead.
– 1 x 30-minute Meditation Session: An introduction to meditation and mindfulness to help you manage stress more effectively and develop a sense of inner calm. You will learn simple tools and techniques to maintain a regular meditation practice in your daily life, and receive a copy of my eBook and access to my meditation recordings.
– 6 x 60-minute Coaching Sessions: Our 1:1 coaching sessions will be held every two weeks. We will use this time to work through the behaviours and patterns holding you back and identify practical, achievable action steps to achieve a more balanced life.
– 1 x 60-minute Follow-Up Session: Use the follow-up session within 3 months of finishing your program to check back in and receive support.
– Unlimited Email Support: To ask questions, share success stories and get support between sessions

$799 for 9 x 1:1 Sessions (8 hours total) and unlimited email support.

$799 AUD