The Downtime Agenda

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  • Words — Jessica Washington
  • Images — Julie Adams

Emma Freedman is making waves as a radio host and has gained a reputation for her humour and charisma. Her bubbly personality might not show it, but Freedman’s day is a long and busy one. She spoke to us about her favourite spots for downtime and how she unwinds on the weekend.

Emma Freedman, busy bee.

Talk us through a typical day…
On a weekday, I’m usually up by 6.30am to work out (F45, Pilates, Yoga, Running). Once that’s done, it’s emails and research for that evenings show over breakfast. I’ll usually have at least one meeting in the morning or another commitment (plus all those errands that seem to pile up) before my “work day” starts! By 12.30pm, I’m starving and eat my biggest meal of the day, usually at one of my favourite cafes. I then head into the radio studio at 1.30pm. From then until 7pm, it’s show prep, interviews with artists and meetings (more than I’d like). 7pm – 10pm – ON AIR! Three hours of live radio, which is great fun. I usually get out of the office by 10.15pm and home by 10.30pm. It takes me a while to wind down, so I’ll watch a bit of TV and have a snack before bed at 11.30pm. It’s certainly not a short day!

How important is downtime to you?
It’s so important and I wish I had more of it! Weekends are precious, especially as I don’t get to see my boyfriend all that much during the week. I try not to plan too much for Saturdays and Sunday afternoons and just go with the flow. I do, however, work on Sunday mornings too, hosting Wide World of Sports, so I very rarely get ‘silly’ on Saturday nights. I prefer a nice dinner, couch time, and just general relaxing.

What do you do to unwind?
While I do exercise every day and some people find it a chore, for me it’s relaxing! Cooking delicious meals on Sundays, watching movies, going for walks, having chilled times with friends, heading to the beach and swimming in the ocean, reading. Endless list really!

Where are you when having downtime?
At home to be honest since I’m rarely there! Otherwise it’s Centennial Park or one of Sydney’s gorgeous beaches. I love yoga at Power Living and a style of Pilates at Physicore. I also love massages – The Darling Spa does a terrific one, as does Venustus.

What is your best vacation spot for Downtime?
Over the last few Summers I’ve been lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks on the beaches near Victor Harbor in South Australia. I love how quiet it is. The same goes for where a lot of my family is – on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Overseas though – I can’t wait to get back to Italy!

What are you reading right now?
I haven’t read a book since New Years – which I hate. I have a pile ready to go – it’s just finding the time.

Songs on your downtime playlist?
My list is probably a little varied and odd…
– Blush, Chet Faker
– Boy, Emma Louise
– Thinking Bout You, Frank Ocean
– All Points, James Vincent McMorrow
– Moonlight Mile, Lee Field and The Expressions
– Classy Girls or Slow it Down, The Lumineers

Your favourite movie of all time?
Midnight in Paris. I love a modern day Woody Allen flick. I also adored The Grand Budapest Hotel. You’re probably seeing a theme!!

Your ideal Saturday?
A small sleep in, exercise to get my body feeling good, a trip to get gorgeous flowers and yummy treats from the local market, lunch with friends and family with incredible food and delicious wine, maybe a punt (have to include a bit of racing! especially if I don’t go to the track, I still like to keep tabs on what’s going on) home early, into comfy clothes, snuggled onto the couch, nice fragrant candle lit, with a movie and a snack.

Your downtime partner in crime?
My boyfriend Charlie – the perfect person to relax with.